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Landscape Design & Irrigation North Little Rock AR

TurfMaster, Inc. is widely known around Little Rock for its landscape design, in particular for our flower beds as well as our hard landscape projects such as patios and walkways. Due to the fact that we have the most capable staff, and buy only the most premium of products, you find any landscaping business more competent to complete these projects for your property. Though we are second to none at lawn care and lawn maintenance, these design projects are what has given us the most notoriety. If you are driving through any of our surrounding communities, pick out the most beautiful retaining walls and walkways, chances are they were probably built by us. While lawn care services are the science of what we do, landscaping is undoubtedly the artistic side. It all starts with the planning. Our experts are more qualified than anyone to eye your home, as well as your yard, and determine where something like a flower bed will look the best. Improper planning will result in features that are perhaps beautiful in and of themselves, but have their overall appearance diminished by poor placement. Or perhaps not a fit for the landscape. Our staff has certified masons that are capable of any type of stonework that will construct strikingly gorgeous patios and walkways. We are also able to build fire pits as well as full retaining walls. Regardless of whether stone is your preference, brick, or paving, the outstanding grades that we procure can make it look spectacular. These features are an excellent complement to our lawn care. Would you like a pond or a waterfall in your backyard? Part of our specialty is elemental features as well as colors. We can help you with seasonal colors for added effect. Another area of which we stand out from our competitors is the effect of what we call lightscaping. You've come to the right place. It goes without saying that without water, your grass cannot survive. However, many people who tend their own lawn do not realize that there is also such a thing as too much water. They lay out a sprinkler and do not pay careful attention to how long it is running. They also may not be aware of the desirable frequency of watering. Too much water can damage your grass just as too little. Watering too frequently and too lightly encourages shallow root growth, hampering the ability of the grass to take in nutrients. Lawns that too often remain excessively watery are more prone to disease. Excessive water can also deplete essential nutrients. This is where TurfMaster comes in. Our lawn care services extend to sprinkler installation and irrigation services. Our capable crew will come out to your property and plan the best pathways for the irrigation pipes and will know the ideal placement of each sprinkler head. And, they can also program your sprinkler system to turn on at the ideal times of the day, and set the conditions for optimal watering. That way, you never need to worry about timing your own watering, and about having to be home at a certain time of day to move your individual sprinklers around the lawn. Why not have your landscape design done by a professionally qualified staff with a proven track record? Why spend all that time doing it yourself when you could be having fun? Your property value will be worth the affordable price we charge. Serving the Little Rock area, please call us today for a consultation.

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