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5 Step Turf & Ornamental Program North Little Rock AR

The best way to have a healthy lawn and ornamentals is to prevent problems before they happen, and not have to come to their rescue after the fact. There is nobody better qualified in the Little Rock area to prevent these issues than TurfMaster. Our five step turf and ornamental lawn maintenance program keeps your plants and grass healthy the year round. A beautiful landscape design requires a verdant lawn. Good lawn care starts with proper feeding and weed control. Our company does not skimp on the quality of the lawn care products that we apply to your property. That is why we are able to keep your lawn healthy with less frequent applications. Many other lawn care businesses will need six or seven visits in order to accomplish the same task due to their products. Additionally, it is also less reliable, which will end up requiring more visits to take care of diseases. It is less expensive in the long run to spend some more money on better application chemicals than to have to deal with disease later on. It begins in the first months of the year. Preferably in late winter, we apply pre-emergent herbicides to both ward off weed growth, and to kill any resilient existing weeds that may have survived the cold. We return in either April or May to put down a combination of fertilizer and a premium quality plant food to synergistically encourage greening and thickening of the lawn. We also spot treat any straggling weeds that might be left over from the winter application. These first two visits are the most heavily focused on {plant pest control and giving your flora | an extra healthy head start. In early summer, along with the intense sun and hotter weather, your lawn will get another treatment of turf fertilizer that is extra rich in nutrients, encouraging a more vibrant growth, counteracting the tendency for grass to go semi-dormant in excess heat. This is the time when optimal watering is most important, and where our irrigation services will serve you well. We also check and spot clean up any weeds that are most active during this season. The late summer application, which takes place in August or September, is geared towards the warding off of weeds that tend to thrive in the cooler seasons. The final lawn care visit for the year, which takes place in late fall, consists of pre-emergent treatment for weed control that will make way for an easier job in prevention starting the next year. During this visit, we also do pH checks on both your soil and plants to see if we need to recommend an adjustment. Acidic soil does not make for prime growth. If an adjustment is needed, we can return for an application of lime to make the soil an optimal pH to make it prime for growth in the next year. Both your ornamentals and grass will make your landscape design a beautiful visual for anybody fortunate enough to look upon it. For over twenty years, TurfMaster has served the Little Rock area in lawn maintenance of both residential and commercial properties. Our business has grown because our work has always achieved customer satisfaction. Making use of the best products and the best employees, we will not only maintain your lawn with effectiveness, but with care. We will perform our lawn care services on your property with the same enthusiasm as we would treat our own. Call us today with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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