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Our business lives up to its name in its mastery of the grass. Since TurfMaster was started here in Little Rock, it has grown into three different departments, each with licensed and certified employees specializing in their area. We do a top class job at all of our services, but we are probably most widely known for these landscape design projects. Our qualified lawn care staff can program it for the optimal amount of water, at the best times of the day. Our ownership knows that to keep good people wanting to continue to work at your company, you must provide them with positive incentives. TurfMaster will get your system started for you in the spring, and winterize it for you when the cold months begin. It is much better to prevent problems than to fix them. We fully guarantee quality of our work, and our knowledgeable and approachable staff will give you a free estimate. Lawn maintenance and care is tied in to our second category of landscape design and services. A key component to rendering the best work to our customers is our ability to search for and acquire only the best products for our work. Our founder began his journey into lawn care by getting a job in landscape management as a child in the year of 1982. TurfMaster, Inc. was established in 1993. In the summer, we will also give it a checkup to make sure there is no clogging, and the entire irrigation system is properly functioning. The way we treat our customers like family stems from the way in which we treat each other. If you are in the surrounding area of Little Rock and have never dealt with us before, please give us a call. Of course, it takes more than having the best products in order to provide the best service. An even more valuable commodity is our staff. Over the past two decades, we have built countless features in landscape design as well as anything related to lawn care, including sprinkler installation and irrigation services. Our sprinkler and irrigation services are the best in the area. If you call on us to install your sprinkler and irrigation system, the service does not end there. The retaining walls and patios we build will complement your lawn and flower beds perfectly. You will need the best fertilizer to yield the thickest and greenest lawns possible. You cannot craft an impeccable quality patio and walkway using second class brick or stone. We thoroughly understand that not all grass is equal, as well as property layouts, and the mowing needs to be geared specifically to match all factors ideally. From leaf removal, shrub trimming, and flower bed design, we know that the best lawn care starts with proper lawn maintenance. We can plan the best layout for your property, and we can also add on to an existing system. While working in different companies that performed landscaping and lawn care, our founder became disillusioned with the manner that several of his bosses treated the employees. That was an added incentive to start his own business, and make certain he treated his own staff much better than his own employers. We know that the only way to maintain clientele and grow your base is by consistently providing good quality service. Though we are proud of the number of clients that we managed to acquire, we take the most pride in the quality of our work. Our staff will use their trained eyes to plan out the best layout and design to fit your property's layout and home design.

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